Our Mission

River Line Nature Company's mission is to...
contribute to a healthier world for all by encouraging people to feed the birds with quality seeds.

When you feed the birds you help more birds survive which:

  • supports a healthier environment

  • reduces the need for chemicals

  • produces better habitats for more birds

  • increases survival for the young

  • provides more birds to eat insects

Feed the birds and make a world of difference!

River Line Nature Company is a wild bird and garden store.

River Line store

It was created by a wildlife biologist out of his frustration at not being able to find quality birdseed in the area. It is now owned by Helen Watson a local area resident and birder enthusiast.  The store has since blossomed into a Mecca for avid birders, backyard naturalists, keen gardener's and nature lover's alike.

River Line Nature company is located just off the square in downtown Goderich and carries the latest and best in bird feeders, nature guides, gardening books, backyard sculptures, fountains, wind chimes, and more.  
Free professional advice from the friendly staff is always available.  

The best thing about River Line though is our seed.  We use only our own exclusive blends made from the very best quality seeds available and absolutely no fillers.  Our seed is guaranteed to bring more birds and species to your yard than ANY other seed on the market or we'll give you your money back.  Add to that our guarantee of birdseed product freshness, this makes a visit to this unique little shop in the heart of Goderich an absolute must.